Cloud Computing

There are many different descriptions of what Cloud computing is but a very simple explanation is that it means you can access your systems from the Internet rather than from your computer and therefore the software does not need to be installed on the device itself.  

It works to exactly the same principle as Internet Banking, you log on (to your account) using a secure PIN number and, once at your virtual desktop (virtual because it is sitting on a KMPT private Internet Cloud) you can access your personal files, folders and systems.

You will receive your personal PIN number by auto-generated e-mail once you have registered your request for access to the Cloud.  Do this through the Health Informatics Service portal at http://kmhishelp Username will be first-name, dot, last-name and no password is required.  Should you experience difficulties with access please ring 01303 290600.

Already available are parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Cloud computing series of briefings, a link to the audio and visual video clips produced and narrated by Les Manley, the Director to IT, each Technology News update and lots of other useful bits and pieces.

Working across the Citrix Virtual Desktop KMPT Cloud computing supports flexible and mobile working for those people who work from home, roam and generally hot-desk around the Trust.