Equality Delivery System

KMPT welcomes the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS).

The EDS is an equality performance review tool. The development of the EDS has benefited from the involvement, expertise and scrutiny of patients, carers, volunteers and those who work in the NHS. 

If used effectively - in partnership with service users, patients, the public, staff and staff‐side organisations, it will facilitate the identification of our equality objectives and subsequent actions in the trust.   

The EDS provides for local and national reporting and in helping the trust in its duty to show how it is responding to Equality legislation.

KMPT will continue to facilitate consultation and engagement events with our many partners, namely service users, carers, staff, public sector organisations and interested individuals.

The KMPT Community Engagement Strategy (2012) sets out how we will engage with the matters that are most important to all our partners.  The issues that arise from community engagement will be central to and enable the setting of KMPT’s equality and quality objectives. 

The KMPT equality objectives will provide scope for annual reviews in the first instance and ongoing assessment between KMPT and its stakeholders.

In launching the EDS in November 2011, Sir David Nicholson NHS Chief Executive and Chair of the NHS Equality and Diversity Council said:

“The Equality Delivery System is a toolkit to help all staff and NHS organisations understand how equality can drive improvements, strengthen the accountability of services to those using them, and bring about workplaces free from discrimination… The changes we make now will shape the way we work for years to come, making the NHS more efficient, more productive and more responsive to the needs of patients and staff alike. The Equality Delivery System will be a central part of achieving this goal.”

For more information contact KMPT Equality and Diversity Department on 01322 622 218.