2018 Shortlist

This year, we have received over 400 nominations which is fantastic. A huge thank you to everyone who nominated.

View the shortlist for each category for our KMPT Awards 2018.

Achievement in Learning and Development

  • Dr Henry Andrews, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Dartford Liaison Psychiatry
  • Aamer Sarfraz, Director of Medical Education and Angela Pendleton, Medical Education Manager
  • Fleur Whitfield, Vocational Specialist

Achievement in Research

  • Sarah Cooper, Trainee Forensic Psychologist
  • Dr Vaughn McGill, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Liaison Service
  • Agostina Secchi, Clinical Pharmacist


Best Team Improvement

  • Avril Leonard, Principal Psychotherapist; Julie Dilallo, Principal Psychotherapist, Zoli Figusch, Principal Psychotherapist and Deidre Correa, Psychotherapist
  • Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service (CJLDS) – Outreach Team
  • Medway Liaison Psychiatry Team
  • Acute Care Group

Carer Contribution Award

  • Louis Coelho - Carer 
  • Keith Jennings, Carers Representative
  • Chris and Cheryl Ives, Coordinators, Canterbury and Coastal Rethink Carers Group
  • Tony and Carole Wright, Rethink South West Kent Voluntary Support Group


Healthcare Hero

  • Dr Bill Bamber, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Julie Fuller and Will Cartwright, Peer Support Workers and Recovery College Progressors
  • Joy Schroepfer, Community Mental Health Nurse
  • Bob StClair Baker, Senior Occupational Therapy Technician


High Performance Award

  • Allington Centre Multidisciplinary Team
  • Medway Community Mental Health Team Older People (CMHSOP)
  • Nandini Shevill-Teeluck, Vocational Specialist 
  • Willow Suite PICU Team


  • Holly Brown, Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service, Outreach Team Leader
  • Sonia Michaels, Unit Manager, Rivendell Rehabilitation Unit
  • Maxine Waller, Team Leader 
  • Pam Wooding, Recovery Practice Lead 

Learning from Listening

  • Stan Brooks, Graphic Design Apprentice
  • Canterbury Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)
  • Leonie Down, Senior Occupational Therapist 
  • Janet Hatch, Woodchurch Ward Manager


Outstanding Support Service

  • Information Community Technology (ICT) Service Desk
  • Nigel Lowther, Assistant Director of Information and Performance
  • Priority House, Housekeeping
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Liaison Service


  • Christopher Cook, Treasurer of the Friends for Mental Health West Kent 
  • Kate Holmes, Matron of A&E Emergency Care, Maidstone Hospital 
  • Joseph O Neill-Byrne, Team Leader, 136 Suite, St Martins Hospital
  • Pam Wooding, Recovery Lead


Patient Contribution Award

  • Henry Cockburn
  • David Cousins
  • Experts by Experience Research Group - Andrew Welcome, Angela Harrison, Clare Bray, David Cousins, David Hough, Gill Monk, Jae Raddon, Jane Wackett, Jo Smith-Kearney, Madelaine LeStrange, Nick Petrie, Philip Armstrong
  • Zoe Gibson, Mother and Infant Mental Health Service (MIMHS) and Peer Support Worker
  • Tynisa Nixon (Tee), Peer Support Worker

Patient Safety Award

  • Helen Crook, Quality and Governance Assistant 
  • Charlene Hayward, Team Manager Liaison Psychiatry 
  • Janine Hudson, Acting Head of Forensic Community Services
  • Teresa Vallely-Joseph, Physical Health Nurse Lead 

Quality and Patient Experience Award

  • Lara Banks, Physical Health Nurse, Boughton Ward
  • Bridge House - Detox Unit 
  • Christine Button, Lead Healthcare Worker 
  • Dr Marcos Pisaca, Consultant Psychiatrist

Unsung Hero Award

This year, the winner of this award will be voted for by the audience on the awards evening.

  • Amy Bramwell, Deputy Ward Manager, Fern Ward
  • Silvia Ciobanu, Healthcare Assistant, Groombridge Ward
  • Laura Kennedy, Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Michael Vernon, Volunteer Woodwork Project / Activities Coordinator, Rosebud Centre

Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Volunteer Drivers - Mike Owen, Mark Johns, Peter Trnide,  Kevin Waters, Colin Mathews, Antony Moon, Reg Bell and Norman Phillips 
  • Jamie Goldfinch, Volunteer Ward Befriender 
  • Renny Magowan, Volunteer 
  • Erika Martin, Volunteer
  • Muriel Ritchie, Trolley Volunteer, St Martins Hospital