DLB Genetics

The objective of this study is to collect a large data collection and blood sample collection on those with a diagnosis of Dementia Lewy Bodies for the investigation of genetic risk factors for disease.

Potential research participants will be identified by referring clinicians in memory clinics or movement disorder clinics.

Who do we need to include?

  • Clinical Diagnosis of Probable Dementia with Lewy Bodies
  • Willingness to provide a blood or saliva sample for genetic analysis
  • Capacity to provide valid informed consent OR available consultee/representative
  • White European ethnicity
  • Available study partner

Who do we need to exclude?

  • Presence of physical illness, disease, or brain disorder capable of accounting for dementia
  • syndrome. Absence of Parkinsonism at mild and moderate stages of dementia.
  • Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease Dementia (PDD)
  • Diagnosis of substance abuse or substance dependence
  • Diagnosis of blood borne viral disease
  • Learning disability
  • Concurrent major psychiatric illness

What is involved for the patients?

  • A trained KMPT researcher will visit eligible individuals either at home or at a local clinic.
  • Answering questions about self and taking part in a memory test.
  • Providing a blood sample.
  • Inviting a family member or friend to help by answering some questions about diagnosis, memory and general health.

For further information please contact:

Amy Hammond
Email: amy.hammond@nhs.net
Tel: 07799 132 261

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