Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease study

Research is focused on identifying rare genetic variants of moderate to strong effects observed in the coding regions of genes and aims to compare 300,000 DNA variants from throughout the human genome, in 20,000 AD cases and 49,000 controls.

Through sample collection and collaboration we will enrich our clinical samples to include 1,000 individuals with early onset Alzheimer's Disease (AD). This group are more likely to have rare genetic changes of moderate to large effect on their development of disease.

Who can we include?

  • Early onset AD inclusion criteria less than or equal to age 64 at onset (can be of any age at study entry)
  • Meets ADRDA/NINCDS criteria for diagnosis of probable AD
  • Willingness to provide a blood sample (Caucasian).

Who do we need to exclude?

  • Early onset AD exclusion criteria
  • Current major depressive episode, psychosis (not associated with AD), acute manic or depressive episode of bipolar disorder
  • Current diagnosis of substance abuse or substance dependence.

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Jamie Harper
Tel: 07500 032847

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