KMPT Awards 2017

Nominations are now CLOSED for the KMPT Awards 2017.


Thank you to all those who have nominated. With over 400 nominations, it's going to be a tough time for our judges over the next few weeks!

All our winners will be announced at our celebration event on 18 May at the Mercure Hotel in Maidstone.

For our 2016 Awards, we received more than 300 nominations and celebrated with our colleagues - it was a night to remember! As a reminder of that fantastic event, you can see the glittering pictures of the winners of the 2016 Awards here.

If you require additional information about the 2017 KMPT Awards please email or call 01622 724108.

Achievement in Learning and Development Award

Awarded to an individual who has made great strides forward in their own learning and development or through contributing to the development of others through training or mentoring.

Those nominated should:

  • Have reached high levels of attainment
  • Brought their learning into the workplace
  • Encourage others to develop and undertake learning
  • Facilitate a culture of learning and development in their workplace.

Achievement in Research Award

As a research active Trust, we want to acknowledge the commitment and achievement of KMPT individuals (staff, service users and carers) who have shown success in research. This is a new award this year to celebrate all the many ways that research is carried out by inquisitive people in the Trust, especially when that leads to developing evidence based services for KMPT.

Nominations can be for individuals or teams who have (for example):

  • Developed their own research ideas
  • Had their work published in peer reviewed journals
  • Given poster presentations of their work at conferences
  • Used evidence they have collected to develop KMPT services
  • Helped to support the NIHR portfolio research within the Trust
  • Helped to support or develop the research strategy within the Trust
  • Are motivated to deliver innovative research in KMPT.

As well as in any other areas in which you have seen great research happening in KMPT.


Best Team Improvement Award

To be awarded to the team that has made the most noticeable improvement in its overall performance and in meeting its key objectives.

High Performance Award

Awarded to an individual or team that shows consistently high performance and is meeting all Key Performance Indicators and core standards.

Those nominated should:

  • Have changed working practice to improve performance
  • Be able to demonstrate, through data, that they are meeting the relevant Key Performance Indicators for their service - eg a seven day follow up
  • Have improved patient satisfaction and experience alongside performance data.

Leadership Award

Awarded to a successful leader, manager or mentor that has shown true leadership qualities in managing their service effectively.

Those nominated should have:

  • Put quality at the heart of service delivery
  • A reputation for tackling issues that get in the way in the pursuit of quality
  • Led transformational and innovative change for the benefit of patients, peers, staff and public
  • Contributed to removing barriers to diversity in the workforce and service wide.

Learning from Listening Award

This will be awarded to the team or individual who has learnt the most from listening and used that learning to improve practice. The best entries will show how they have used the three core elements of the Listen Up! campaign.

  • ensure they are seen as listening in order to provide first class patient satisfaction and experience
  • making sure patients know we are here to listen
  • building family and carer confidence in KMPT.


Outstanding Support Service Award

This is a new award to recognise those individuals or teams whose hard work and commitment can always be relied upon. It is for those who work behind the scenes and who repeatedly 'go the extra mile' to keep the organisation ticking over. 

Nominations can be for individuals or teams who have:

  • Always be relied upon to get the job done and provide unlimited support
  • Constantly displayed a 'can do attitude'
  • Stand out as being great achievers.


Partnership Award

Awarded to an individual or team that has worked with partners to achieve a significant outcome, contributing to the smooth running of a service, department or the Trust overall. The best entries will have also engaged the public, users and carers as part of this partnership.

Those nominated should have:

  • Worked in partnership with others; either one or more people / teams / organisations / carers / service users (internal or external)
  • Achieved the desired outcomes and goals
  • Improved services
  • Fully utilised the skills of partners, service users or carers.

Patient Safety Award

Awarded to an individual or team that has demonstrated what they do to keep patients safe and how this has greatly impacted on the quality of care they provide.

Those nominated should:

  • Be able to show how they have devised initiatives that measure just what they do to keep patients safe
  • Have a clear understanding of the link between patient safety, outcomes, quality of care and experience.

Quality and Patient Experience Award

An award will be made to a team or an individual who has made a significant positive impact on the experience of those who use services.

Those nominated should:

  • Demonstrate exceptional care and effort when dealing with service users through commitment and fulfilment of the Customer Care Charter and Trust values
  • Show evidence of how they have improved the quality of patient experience beyond the expectations of the patient
  • Show evidence of improved outcomes for the service users in line with the recovery approach
  • Involved service users and carers in the delivery of services.

Unsung Hero Award

This year this award has been opened out to all staff, service users, carers and volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Awarded to an individual or team who is recognised by their colleagues as being consistently reliable, adaptable and rarely gets the praise they deserve. They may often go above and beyond the call of duty.

Those nominated should have:

  • Made an impact on their colleagues, service users and staff
  • Emphasised quality and the patient or service user experience as being central to their role and mission.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Awarded to a volunteer who makes a sustained difference to the lives of service users or carers through their contribution to a service.

Those nominated should:

  • Be a registered Trust volunteer
  • Be consistent with ongoing input into service
  • Add value above and beyond the work of staff.