Sudden is a free bereavement support service, protecting emotional and physical wellbeing from day one, and for the first ten weeks, at a time of shock and loss in cases when someone has died suddenly or too soon.

They are here for people bereaved by:

  • COVID-19, or any other medical reason that happened suddenly or ended a life too soon;
  • an event / incident of any kind that caused fatal injury
  • suicide

The Sudden service provides:

  • emotional support from day one, onwards, by phone or email, from a trained, named worker, at agreed times
  • safeguarding, and continual assessment of a bereaved person’s health, safety, and any acute needs
  • a pathway towards wellbeing goals, with goals agreed with the bereaved person and unmet goals addressed
  • help, advocacy, and referrals to meet an individual's specific care needs; emotional, practical, procedural, financial, and health. Sudden partners with many other statutory and charity services, national and local.
  • mental health ‘active monitoring’; and clinical escalation if necessary, including enabling access to mental health services
  • safe exit at around 10 weeks, including signposting to grief support, and other services, relevant at that time

Accessing the service

To access the service please visit the Sudden website to complete a referral form.