Let's Talk Conference

Your conference summary

Chair - Janet Lloyd

Thank you to everyone who attended the Let’s Talk event in October, held at the Valley Invicta Academies Trust in Maidstone.

The event was held with the aim of fostering stronger and enduring stakeholder relationships while encouraging increased engagement and transparency among all those who were sat around the very large table.

With 85 delegates attending, the day’s events kick started with a welcome from Janet Lloyd, Public Patient Community Involvement Manager. Executive Medical Director Catherine Kinane spoke passionately about the importance of such events and provided a brief update on Trust projects such as Single Point of Access.

We were delighted to be joined by Professor Margaret Greenfields from Buckinghamshire New University who spoke about her work within the Roma/Traveller Community and the mental health issues that these groups can face. Margaret spoke about some of the people she had met during her work who were missed out of the healthcare loop and had suffered greatly as a result. You can find Margaret's presentation on this page.

Delegates were then invited to ask questions put to a panel of speakers including Dr Kinane; Professor Greenfields; Kelly August, Communications and Engagement Manager and Jon Parsons, Assistant Director Older Persons Service. The session was chaired by Janet Lloyd.

Some of the questions raised included:

  • Housing issues
  • Racism Triangle of care
  • Mental health education      

You can find the complete question and answers on this page. 

Delegates were then invited to join the workshop sessions which included:

  • Listen, involve patients and carers in planning and reviewing care.
  • Identify limitations to KMPT’s approach and solutions to unlock flow of information. 
  • Using online sources and social media for feedback and engagement with patients and community. 
  • Engage older service users.

You can find more details on the workshops on this page.

After the workshops Nick Dent provided a brief summary of the CQC inspection report. The presentation is available on this page. 

Delegates were then joined by Sandra Hall, Volunteer Services Manager. Sandra spoke passionately about her new role at the Trust and the dedicated volunteers KMPT already has. Anyone thinking about volunteering or would like more information can contact Sandra Hall. You can also read more on this page.

Conference feedback

Thank you to those who completed the feedback forms that were sent you after the conference. After reviewing your responses we were delighted that your feedback confirmed that you felt the conference was a good starting point to achieving our aims although you would have liked to have had the opportunity to discuss Trust projects further.

Going forward

  • Strong support for a more integrated event with other statutory and voluntary organisations involvement to ensure a truly integrated approach to services.
  • Information flow – Trust aims to improve social media. Keen stakeholder recommendation of texting, online messaging as a useful means to communicate with those who cannot speak English but able to use translation services.
  • Existing KMPT communications were discussed including the website and facebook. A number of volunteers agreed to come together as a communications working group to help shape improved communication flow between Trust and stakeholders. Group to assist with the continuing improvement of the KMPT website, members would email communications with the details of any websites they thought were good.
  • Information sharing at community level - Particular individuals will be working with KMPT to enhance and extend information sharing with communities at a local level using the Let’s Talk conference format. Different use of technology will be explored. Promote the use of plain English and avoid jargon. 
  • Addressing Mental Health Stigma - Continue working to combat stigma within mental health and use non-stigmatising language in the Trust. 
  • Older People - Signpost older people to more appropriate social settings. They need positive involvement/engagement, not just to attend somewhere and sit there, i.e. day centres. Consider positive impact of singing, reminiscence/memory work. 
  • Future events should aim to target older people to have their voices heard as they were under represented at conference.

What next?

  • The report will be presented to KMPT Board and then disseminated to directors of service lines who would in turn cascade down and raise awareness.
  • Action plans will be developed and progress report gathered from service lines on a six monthly basis reporting through the Trust-wide Patient Experience Group (TWPEG) and the Equality & Diversity Group where appropriate.
  • Communications will also report to TWPEG on a six monthly basis.

A copy of the full report is available from Audrey Quansahabakah or call Wendy Collison on 01622 725000.