West Kent Mental Health of Learning Disability Team

The Mental Health of Learning Disability (MHLD) Service is here to support people with a learning disability who experience mental ill health and/or behaviours that challenge.

Who can help you?

In the first instance, you or your carers/families should seek advice from your GP or other healthcare professionals, for example your local Community Learning Disability Team. Many adults with a learning disability can receive the support and treatment they need in primary care however, if more specialist support, advice, interventions or treatment is required, your GP or healthcare professional can make a referral to our specialist mental health services for you.

All referrals are reviewed by our clinicians and if the referral is accepted, we will offer you an assessment to help identify how best we can support you.

The MHLD team is made up of:

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Behaviour specialists
  • Specialist MHLD nurses


Any professional can discuss a referral beforehand with our team. To do this, please send an email to kmpt.westkentmhld@nhs.net with details of your enquiry and one of our clinicians will contact you.

Meet the manager

Your feedback is important to the team so that we can continue to improve our services. Please share your experiences of MHLD and KMPT with us, and let us know how we are doing as a care group.

You can drop us an email to this address, putting “Meet the Manager” in the subject line and if you would like to meet up, we can do so via video or in person when the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

The manager is Martin Robb and he will be happy to talk to you. Please email kmpt.westkentmhld@nhs.net

Challenging stigma associated with learning disabilities through creative writing

The Mental Health of Learning Disability Team (MHLD) are running a proactive Community Psychology project that aims to empower people with learning disabilities (LD) and tackle the misconceptions and stigma.

We aim to create a bi-annual publication featuring poems and creative writing about LD, written by people with LD, which will then be shared with GP surgeries in West Kent and other public locations, such as libraries and the local council.