Organisational Strategy 2020-2023

KMPT Organisational Strategy 2020-2023. Helping local people live their best life.

Publication date:
31 March 2020
Date range:
January 2020 - January 2023

Our strategic framework, aims and objectives


Aim 3: Integration

Deliver seamless care for service users and help to support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan in Kent and Medway.

We anticipate that a Kent and Medway Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will be in place by April 2021 with responsibility for two key areas:

  • system transformation; and
  • management of system performance.

The primary driver for these changes is to integrate care for the people of Kent and Medway – to remove the barriers to seamless care between physical and mental health, primary care and secondary care, and health and social care.

KMPT will contribute to a high-performing system that can tackle the existing challenges people face in relation to their mental health and wellbeing and deliver integrated care working alongside system partners.

A model that is fit for the future will require us to prioritise and work hard at delivering better integrated services and system transformation. We know that current clinical models and ways of working don’t always meet demand, and this can lead to poorer outcomes and experiences of care. As a Kent and Medway health and care system we must work together to think about how we can unlock capacity and skills across organisational boundaries to support improved care pathways and community solutions for local people.

We commit to:

  1. Supporting the ICS to explore how care and systems can be integrated, working through the Mental Health Learning Disabilities and Autism Improvement Board and its associated governance framework
  2. Testing and evaluating models for integrating care and systems with our partners
  3. Driving integration to become ‘business as usual’ for the health and care system and for KMPT
  4. Supporting and resourcing our different services and teams in local areas to develop and deliver more personalised and coordinated care to the people we serve.

To deliver this integrated approach, we are investing in our workforce and recruiting to new outward facing roles that focus on strategic partnership development. These new roles will take a lead on fostering strong relationships, and support integration with ICPs and PCNs. They will help our clinicians to develop a broader awareness of developments across the Kent and Medway system and to see how they can work together with partners and colleagues to design and deliver better, more joined-up care.

We also have a linked ambition to establish a Kent and Medway Innovation Hub which would align with and
support delivery of our Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism improvement programmes.

Kent and Medway Mental Health Learning Disability and Autism Improvement Board

The Mental Health Learning Disability and Autism Improvement Board has been established as a sub-group of the Kent and Medway STP and emerging ICS Partnership Board. A system-wide initiative, the Board:

  • provides leadership, oversight and partnership working to improve the mental health and mental wellbeing outcomes of the population of Kent and Medway
  • brings together senior representatives from across the ICS to work collaboratively to drive delivery of mental health learning disabilities and autism improvement priorities at scale across Kent and Medway
  • operates as a strategic board, supporting development of the vision, outcomes, purpose and scope of Kent and Medway’s Mental Health Strategy, and alignment with the NHS Long Term Plan; and
  • ensures that the ICS is working collaboratively with ICPs so that local innovation is considered and supported within the mental health, learning disability and autism programmes of work.

Structure chart


  • Mental Health Learning Disabilities and Autism Improvement Board
    • Mental Health Clinical and Professional Board
    • Mental Health Collective
      • At scale system wide priorities
        • Out of area placements
        • Community Framework
        • Urgent and Emergency Care
        • Dementia
        • Learning Disability an Autism
          • Focus on Transition
        • Children and Young people's mental health
          • Focus on Transition
      • Integrated Care Partnerships
        • Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley
        • West Kent
        • Medway and Swale
        • East Kent