Management of investigations and serious incidents policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that risks associated with serious incidents are identified and managed in accordance with best practice and in line with the expectations of the NHS Resolution, the Health and Safety Executive, the Care Quality Commission, NHS England and NHS Improvement, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the public.

Publication date:
01 September 2019
Date range:
September 2019 - September 2022

Appendix 3 72 hour flow chart

The purpose of this flow chart is to clarify the process for reporting unexpected deaths to the CQC.

The CQC require informing of the cases that meet the following criteria:

Criteria 1

  • Unexpected deaths of patients that do not appear to be natural deaths
  • Cases where individuals have died in acute Trusts but mental health services contributed to the death.

Click here to view the SGV version of the flowchart. 

72 hour flow chart

1. Unexpected death reported on Datix

2. Handler completes management review within 48 hours

3. Case reviewed at SI and Mortality Panel and considers if Criteria 1 is met:

  • If criteria is not met

    No further action is required
  • If criteria is met

    A 72 hour report is to be pulled by the Patient Safety and Complaints Facilitator, reviewed and amended to ensure the quality of the report.
    • If further information is required, to be sent to the care group to be emended and returned

    • Head of patient safety will finally approve the report and send to Director of Nursing and Quality, copying in the compliance and assurance manager. 

4. Once the report is finally approved by the Director of Nursing and Quality, it is sent to the Compliance and Assurance Manager. 

5. The compliance and assurance manager sends the 72 hour report to the CQC and copies int he Datix assistant. 

6. The Datix assistant uploads the email to Datix

End of flowchart.