Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2019 - 2024

This strategy reiterates our promise to tackle inequalities and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and human rights with the highest possible standards of care and outcomes for everyone creating a better working environment for staff.

Publication date:
01 November 2019
Date range:
November 2019 - November 2024

KMPT equality objectives 2019 - 2024


Establish Trans Support Network for staff and patient/service users:

  • Providing support to staff who identify
  • Developing partnerships with support organisations to sign post for further support
  • Provide staff with support when treating Trans patients
  • Develop Trans Policy and Procedures for patients
  • Develop Trans policy for staff

Stonewall Diversity Champion:

  • To further embed LGBTQ+ inclusion into KMPT
  • To attract and retain staff
  • To further develop the LGBTQ+ Staff Network Forum
  • To strengthen KMPT Equality and Diversity Policy

Improve the sexual orientation declarations data by staff and patients

  • To review the equality data recorded for staff (ESR)
  • To develop monitoring data for patients