Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2019 - 2024

This strategy reiterates our promise to tackle inequalities and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and human rights with the highest possible standards of care and outcomes for everyone creating a better working environment for staff.

Publication date:
01 November 2019
Date range:
November 2019 - November 2024

KMPT equality objectives 2019 - 2024


Increase BAME staff representation in Bands:

Current data
Bands Percentage
Under Band 1 14.8%
Band 2 25%
Band 3 12.9%
Band 4 8.7%
Band 5 31.5%
Band 6 22.7%
Band 7 15.1%
Band 8a 8.6%
Band 8b 12.7%
Band 8c 7.1%
Band 8d 3.6%
Band 9 0%

Action plans

  • WRES
  • Care Group, Support Services action plans
  • BAME Network action plan


  • Increase the number of BAME staff leadership programmes
    • Improve career development opportunities
    • Promote successful role models
  • Reduce bullying, harassment and abuse of BAME staff
    • Implement and establish the trust's Hate Crime Strategy in collaboration with Kent Police
    • Identify training to support staff in challenging behaviour
    • Develop robust procedures to reporting incidents both internally and externally
  • Engage with BAME communities to access mental health services within KMPT
  • Fulfil the revised Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES), working together with BAME staff to improve their experiences in the workplace. Identify areas for improvements within each care group for engagement with BAME communities and patients/service users.
  • Preparation for the Ethnicity Pay Gap: Government consultation completed awaiting EPG consultation report.
  • To improve access and services to BAME communities:
    • Improve the under representation of Ethnicity in Mental Health Services
    • Improve the recording of Ethnicity