Recovery College Ashford Prospectus Jan-Mar 2022

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Publication date:
20 December 2021
Date range:
December 2021 - March 2022

Our courses

Wilder Wellbeing

Supported by Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) this six-week programme will combine the benefits of walking and nature connectedness, so the benefits for participants are two-fold. The programmes will also incorporate mindfulness techniques.

The sessions will follow a nature theme and walking throughout, and can be adaptable depending on what the participants would like to gain from the programme and their accessibility needs. They are a 2hour session, once a week for 6 weeks, and will take place at Hothfield Heathlands Nature Reserve

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the outdoors and learn how to be safe and comfortable in that environment
  • Identify how to utilise the benefits of the outdoors to improve your wellbeing
  • Learn how to read a map and use a compass (& take one away with you).

Parking and Site Information

There is large car park which has a compacted sand/ gravel surface with a reasonably flat surface (expect some potholes). Access from the car park onto the reserve is across a small road and then through a large kissing gate – the group will meet first in the car park.

The 10X bus service does service the area every hour. OS Map Reference – TQ972459: What3 words – armrests.hike.stumble

Address: Cades Rd, Maidstone Road (A20), Hothfield, Ashford TN26 1HD

The course is 6 weeks long. 

Wilder Wellbeing
Venue Day Start date Time
Hothfield Heathland Monday 17 January 2022 10am-12pm


“You can’t pour from an Empty Teapot”

This course aims to build students resilience to the challenges of modern living. Exploring elements of the mindfulness model it personalises an approach for individuals to reflect on how to better support themselves.

The “empty teapot” idea comes from someone’s lived experience of trying to help others and always feeling their energy levels were low.

By learning to maintain good energy levels in your pot ensures there should always be some surplus.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept of your “Empty Teapot” and identify different elements needed to better help look after yourself.
  • Reflect on what empties your teapot and energy.
  • Gain methods to ensure you are able to sustain a full teapot of energy beyond the course and into the future.
You can't pour from an empty teapot
Venue Day Start date Time
Stanhope hub Monday

28 February 2022


“Finding your Genius”

Einstein highlighted that we are all Genius!

This workshop provides the first stepping stones to exploring your own Genius…by reflecting, recognising and appreciating your likes, skills and what sets you apart as an individual. Students will work in a friendly and fun environment with a unique and creative approach to build on self-esteem and confidence and start the journey to discovering their own genius.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept of your “Genius” and “Genius Files” whilst identifying new, old and current skills that set you apart.
  • Reflect on the importance of your skills.
  • Learn how you can ensure you are able to take your Genius with you beyond the course.

The course is 3 weeks long. 

PeoplePlus, The Panorama, Park Street, Ashford TN24 8DF

There are a number of bus services that stop outside but also very close around the town.

It is close to the Ashford ring road – turn off at the Pilgrims Hospice furniture shop.

Parking Information – There is no parking on site but there are a number of Ashford Borough Council parking options close by.

Finding your genius
Venue Day Start date Time
People Plus Panorama Building Monday 28 March 2022 10am-12pm


“Smell your Mood”

Enhance and explore your appreciation of smell and how it affects your emotions. We will aim to improve our knowledge when smelling, reflect how it makes us feel, and how we might use that knowledge to improve our mood.

The session shows us how to “smell better” to make the most of this amazing and powerful organ.

“Smell your Mood” introduces students to skills to help pay greater attention to and notice of smell.

Whilst doing this, students explore positive memories of smell and learn how smell can help create future positive and sustainable memories.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to take time to explore new smells to enhance our daily wellbeing
  • Support students to explore positive smell memories to enhance future wellbeing
  • Explore how to create new positive memories through smell.
  • Learn how to use our sense of smell more to enjoy and notice our daily surroundings
Smell your mood
Venue Day Start date Time
Stanhope Centre Wednesday 23 March 2022 10am-12pm

The Ashford Recovery & Wellbeing is growing and we hope you can help it develop even more. Please register for the face-to-face courses highlighted but if you are looking for other ways to be involved – do please be in touch.

With the Virtual Recovery & Wellbeing college you can find an array of learning experiences. Equally, your local coordinator will also be co-facilitating virtual courses. If
you would like an early introduction to the Ashford team then below might be an option…

Six ways to wellbeing

This three-week course will explore the mental, physical, emotional and social aspects of our daily wellbeing to help investigate new ways to help us live a more balanced life. We will reflect on and investigate individual self-management skills and learn new strategies to keep us well.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept and gain an understanding of the term Wellbeing
  • Identify the six ways to wellbeing and reflect on our individual wellbeing balance
  • Learn and investigate how the six elements help our own wellbeing.
Six ways to wellbeing
Venue Day Start date Time
Virtually Monday 12 January 2022 1am-12pm
Stanhope hub Monday 8 November 2021 10am-12pm

The Student Room

Want to have your say at Recovery College? Want to share your learning experience or your personal successes? Maybe you have some great ideas for courses and workshops? Join us in The Student Room, our facilitated monthly drop-in, where you can choose the talking points. Here are some of the things we will be discussing ☺

  • Share Recovery College Learning
  • Join Student Voice
  • Recovery College Volunteering
  • Recovery College Facilitating
  • New course/workshop ideas
  • Share wellbeing tools & resources
  • Personal Successes & Vocational Choices
  • Student Experience Feedback
  • Something else
The student room
Day Start date Time
Thursday 27 January 2022 2-3pm
Thursday 24 February 2022 2-3pm
Thursday 24 March 2022 2-3pm