Recovery College Canterbury Prospectus Spring 2022

Enrol Now on Free Health & Wellbeing Courses & Workshops. Knowledge, skills, strengths & supporting each other.

Publication date:
09 December 2021
Date range:
Spring 2022


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Free Health & Wellbeing Courses & Workshops Knowledge, skills, strengths & supporting each other

Call 07833 442136 or visit the Recovery College webpage

Measuring outcomes

At the Recovery College we use the CHIME Recovery Outcome Measure; we use this at regular intervals during your student journey. We value your feedback and, although you are under no obligation to take part, it does help us expand and improve our services. Your learning journey will not be affected, if you decide not to provide additional feedback and information.

Celebrating success

We hold an annual celebration and graduation event for all students, volunteers and facilitators.
This usually takes place at the end of the Summer Term, however, due to the Coronavirus, this will now take place when it is safe to do so.

Want to get more involved at Recovery College?

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a facilitator, please speak to the Locality coordinator, you can also complete the ‘Get Involved’ form on our website, or you may wish to join our monthly virtual ‘Student Room’.


Canterbury Umbrella Centre:
St Peters Place, Canterbury

East Kent and Coastal offices, St Martins Hospital
Top End (next to cafeteria)
St Martins Hospital Grounds
Littlebourne Road, Canterbury