Recovery College Canterbury Prospectus Spring 2022

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Publication date:
09 December 2021
Date range:
Spring 2022

Course timetable

Life After Lockdown

Covid-19 turned many of our lives upside down. We had to adjust very quickly to a new reality. For some, this brought us closer together, for others it presented challenges that were hard to meet. We explore all this and more with a focus on our strengths and resilience that has pulled us through. During this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about how you can live a happy, safe and productive life after lockdown
  • Explore anxieties upon re-entering a post-lockdown society
  • Gain perspective on Covid-19
  • Share strengths and skills used to get through this difficult time
  • Experiment with creating a new future for yourself
  • Investigate support services
  • Reflect upon your strengths, talents and interests
  • Listen to and connect with others about life after lockdown.

Learning objectives

  • To explore ways of dealing with the anxieties related to Covid-19, including anxiety around contact, jabs, illness, recovery.
  • Find ways to live well in a post-lockdown society utilising skills that have helped us get through so far
  • Develop a new sense of self and adventure, considering aspirations for the future

The course is four weeks long.

Life after lockdown
Day Start date Time
Thursday 6 January 2022 at the St Martins site 10.30am-12.30
Thursday 3 March 2022 at the Umbrella Centre, Canterbury 2-4pm

Goodbye to clutter – create a healthy space

Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your life? During this course we will reflect on the impact clutter has on our mental wellbeing, explore why removing the clutter can be a challenging process and experiment with different decluttering strategies.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the impact of clutter on mental wellbeing
  • To appreciate the benefits of living without clutter
  • To find own strategies to manage clutter
  • To understand the barriers to managing clutter

The course is two weeks long.

Goodbye Clutter
Day Start date Time
Thursday 13 January 2022 2-4pm

Tree of Life

During this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your past in a gentle, nurturing way by creating your own tree of life, recognising your life journey, strengths, skills, resilience and gifts you have developed.
  • Gain insight into how these skills can help you in the future.
  • Share your story with others (only if you feel comfortable doing so) and help others to celebrate their life journeys.
  • Experiment with new ways of thinking.
  • Help you recognise your own remarkable abilities.
  • Listen to and celebrate the life stories, strengths and gifts that others have.

Learning objectives

  • Begin to think in a strengths focussed way
  • Recognise and celebrate resilience, identifying where it can help in your life
  • Make connections and begin to redefine how you look at your life and that of others

This course is three weeks long.

Tree of life
Day Start date Time
Thursday 10 March 2022 at the Umbrella Centre 2-4pm

Healing Poetry

A course for both beginners and experienced writers, exploring several ways of expressing ourselves using the written word. Lots of opportunities to share, reflect and enjoy poems written by yourselves and others.

Learning objectives

  • Learn several ways of writing poems
  • Explore feelings on a suggested topic
  • Experiment with different styles of writing
  • Read and reflect on examples of the written word
Healing Poetry
Day Start date Time
Thursday 3 February at St Martins for 2 weeks 10.30-12.30
Thursday 4 March virtually for 2 weeks 11am-12

Life Story Writing

This course gives you the opportunity to explore pleasant experiences and memories from your life and to write about these in a number of ways. Students will have opportunities to share stories and reflect on joyous moments in each other’s lives.

Learning objectives

  • To be able to reflect on life events in a positive way
  • To explore different styles of writing
  • To develop confidence in public speaking and sharing work

This course is two weeks long. 

Life story writing
Day Start date Time
Friday 18 March 2022, virtually 11am-1

Self Care

During this course we will be looking at positive ways of thinking, challenging negative thoughts and looking at things from a variety of perspectives. We explore and encourage students to make kindness/self care boxes after exploring ideas others have used. We will investigate quotes and affirmations that may help us in the future, and learn to use those around us and our connections to feel better in a positive and co-beneficial way.

Learning objectives

  • To consider different perspectives regarding self talk and explore how this can help our mood
  • To make a kindness box
  • To incorporate new routines for wellbeing in everyday life

This course is three weeks long.

Self care
Day Start date Time
Thursday 27 January, Umbrella centre 2-4pm

Living well with Personality Disorder

This course is co-designed using lived and learned experience of personality disorder. It aims to challenge stigma, learn to be more empathetic to ourselves as individuals, gain insight into self regulation and investigate scenarios which may reflect some of our own life experiences, sharing ideas for becoming more resilient in the future.

Learning objectives

  • To have a greater understanding of the diagnostic criteria for EUPD
  • Opportunities to challenge stigma and stereotypes, developing a more empathetic outlook towards themselves and those with EUPD
  • To explore and adopt resilience and self-regulation skills in a healthy way.

This course is three weeks long.

Living well with personality disorder
Day Start date Time
Friday 21 January 2022, virtually 10am-12
Thursday 17 February, St Martin 10.30-12.30
Thursday 4 March virtually for 2 weeks 11am-12

IT for Employability

This course explores basic IT using Microsoft/Libre Word (Word processor). Students will learn how to search the Internet for jobs and construct and write emails to look for jobs/education courses. There will be opportunities to reflect on individual skills and explore different formats for CVs which students will then be able to use for their own CVs.

Learning objectives

  • To learn the basics of Microsoft Word software to create and write / update CV.
  • To use the Internet to search for jobs and education courses.
  • Create and write letters to apply for work / education courses.
  • Understand how to write an email to potential employers / future courses.

This course is two weeks long. 

IT for employability
Day Start date Time
Thursday 17 February, Umbrella Centre 2-4pm

How to Keep Motivated

This course explores how to use simple steps and SMART goals to achieve your own goals, hopes, ambitions, however big or small! Students will have the opportunity to share their ideas, connect with others and support each other to achieve small steps leading to planning a larger task.

Learning objectives

  • Students will connect with others and be able to identify stumbling blocks to achieving goals
  • Students will develop an understanding of SMART goals and how they can be used to break down tasks into achievable steps
  • Students will listen and contribute to discussions supporting their peers to achieve their goals
  • Students will have a clear plan of how to achieve a desired goal
How to keep motivated
Day Start date Time
Friday 7 January, virtually 11am-12