Virtual Recovery College Prospectus January to March 2022

The Recovery & Wellbeing college offers educational courses to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in shared learning environments in the community. Enrol now on free health and wellbeing online workshops knowledge, skills, strengths and supporting each other

Publication date:
08 December 2021
Date range:
January 2022 - March 2022

Students' Charter

We are very pleased to be able to continue providing shared learning spaces in the current circumstances. It is so helpful to stay connected in positive ways, add structure to our days and take part in things that feel productive. These three things make such a difference to how we feel and help us maintain resilience.

However, joining virtual workshops might feel daunting at first so we are here to help. We have chosen to use ZOOM, which is a small app that you download onto your PC/laptop/tablet/smart phone, for video conferencing. We are offering one-to-one ‘Get
Started with ZOOM’ sessions with all students who enrol on our Virtual Learning Workshops.

Just let us know if you would like this when you enrol.

Please see here for our policy on data storage and sharing

Places on our courses are limited. Most of our sessions become fully booked. Should you know you are unable to attend please contact the College at your earliest convenience via email so we can offer your place to another student. Please be aware that failure to let us know will mean your future course bookings may be cancelled.

You can expect us to: 

  • Provide you with a safe and welcoming learning environment, in which everyone is treated with respect and is free from discrimination.
  • Give you the opportunity to develop a personalised learning plan which responds to any disability or learning need and supports your learning journey.
  • Ensure that courses are led by suitably trained facilitators and promote hope, opportunity and control.
  • Address any complaints and concerns confidentially and professionally.

Signed Pam Wooding, KMPT Recovery Lead

We expect you to:

  • Inform us at enrolment of anything we can do to support your learning.
  • Understand the college exists as a place of learning and does not replace either therapy or treatment.
  • Treat college venues and their facilities with care and adhere to their local policies and procedures.
  • Agree and abide by the Student code of conduct.