Virtual Recovery College Prospectus January to March 2022

The Recovery & Wellbeing college offers educational courses to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in shared learning environments in the community. Enrol now on free health and wellbeing online workshops knowledge, skills, strengths and supporting each other

Publication date:
08 December 2021
Date range:
January 2022 - March 2022

Zoom etiquette

Please ensure confidentiality when attending workshops by making sure you have a private space to connect and there are no others in the room with you who are not taking part.

Whatever device you are using – laptop, tablet, phone – please make sure you place it on a stand so that your screen remains steady.

Please make sure that you are not hungry or thirsty before the workshop starts, so that you can concentrate fully on the class. Please, no eating on screen.

Please ensure that you do not have any interruptions during the workshop – children, pets, other noise – as this is disruptive for other students. Please put phones on silent if possible.

Please be aware not to talk over other people.

As our workshops are only 1 hour in length, it can be hard to balance time of student feedback with course material delivery. Please help our facilitators by staying on topic and engaging with the material.

If you need to leave the screen for something urgent, please let the facilitators know.

Dear students, as you are aware Covid-19 has not gone away. Please can you refer to the links below for advice on how to keep safe while engaging with our face to face courses and workshops. Our facilitators will also provide guidance at the sessions you attend.

More Information is available: