Executive and Non-Executive Director Structure Chart

This details the Executive and Non-Executive Directors and their areas of responsibility.

Publication date:
08 March 2021
Date range:
8 March 2021 - ongoing

Executive Directors

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is Helen Greatorex.

Vincent Badu

Vincent Badu is the Executive Director of Partnerships and Strategies and Deputy Chief Executive.

Vincent's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Strategy
  • Transformation and improvement
  • Partnerships and Engagement
  • Social work
  • Professional leadership
  • Carers
  • Engagement
  • Volunteering

Sheila Stenson

Sheila Stenson is the Executive Director Finance and Performance.

Sheila's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Management accounts
  • Financial accounts
  • Capital planning
  • Procurement
  • Estates and facilities
  • Performance
  • IM&T
  • Senior Information Risk Officer
  • Information governance
  • Financial planning
  • Business development

Dr Afifa Qazi

Dr Afifa Qazi is the Executive Medial Director.

Afifa's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Responsible officer for quality and clinical effectiveness
  • Quality improvement
  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Mental Health Act
  • Medical Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Research and development
  • Clinical audit

Sandra Goatley

Sandra Goatley is the Director of Workforce, Organisational Development and Communications

Sandra's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Workforce
  • Strategy and plans
  • Learning and development
  • Organisational development
  • Communications Strategy
  • Freedom to Speak Up

Jacquie Mowbray-Gould

Jacquie Mowbray-Gould is the Chief Operating Officer

Jacquie's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Operational delivery for clinical services
  • Acute
  • Community Recovery
  • Forensic and Specialist
  • Older Adults
  • Operational quality compliance
  • PALS and Complaints
  • Strategic lead for urgent mental health framework
  • Urgent care pathway
  • Veterans
  • Learning disability and autism

Mary Mumvuri

Mary Mumvuri is the Executive Director of Nursing and Quality

Mary's areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Director if Infection Prevention and Control
  • Patient safety
  • Patient experience
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety and emergency planning, resilience and response
  • Legal services
  • Safeguarding
  • Nursing staff
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Corporate nursing
  • Quality improvement
  • CQC nominated officer