Trust Wide Patient and Carer Experience Group

The Trust Wide Patient and Carer Experience Group (TWPEG) provides assurance that all aspects relating to patient centreed care are fulfilled. It has a number of responsibilities including

  • Encourage service users to make decisions about their own health care
  • Support service users, particularly with long term conditions, in planning their care
  • Ensure a clear strategy is in place to demonstrate effective patient centred care
  • Review the Trust's systems in relation to providing food.

The group ensures that there are strong systems and processes in place to support patient focus, access and responsive care and care environment and amenities across Kent and Medway.

The group reports to the Trust Board through the Performance and Governance Committee. Membership represents the whole Trust, service users and carers.

Agendas and minutes from TWPEG meetings can be downloaded from this page. If you require archived minutes, please contact