Peer support workers

We have a well-established peer support service, with peer support workers found across the care pathways working in the multi-disciplinary teams bringing a lived experience perspective to; colleagues, service user, carers and students.

They have a unique approach which offers social, emotional and practical support, helping service users on their recovery journey having a clear understanding of the anxieties and pressures one can face on a day to day basis in the services.

Peer support workers can build trusting, reciprocal and mutual relationship with service users, coming alongside them during a difficult time in their lives.

Our peer service regularly contributes to the national progression of peer support and is very well linked with other services, agencies, trusts and charities that offer peer support services.


  • Acute, Community and Rehabilitation Care Pathways and specialist Care Pathways including the Forensic and Mother and Infant Mental Health Services.
  • The staff bank also has peer support workers who work with the occupational therapy staff on the wards helping with group work primarily.
  • New posts are being developed all the time to expand and provide consistency for this innovative service.


  • Peer support workers work on a one-to-one basis with our service users.
  • Co-facilitate group work with clinical staff providing a lived experience perspective to the traditional understanding of mental health.
  • They share their personal experiences and strategies to manage mental health on a day to day basis.
  • They bring a valuable expertise to the multidisciplinary team.


  • Lived experience of a mental ill health is essential for this role.
  • Good preparation for this role might include:
    • a work placement in the trust which can be arranged by the vocational rehabilitation team if you are still in contact with your community mental health team
    • voluntary work with the trust which can be arranged via
    • service user engagement work particularly with the Expert by Experience research group via
    • the peer support team is led by Natalie Livesey who can be contacted

Thank you for taking the time to engage with peer support. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Livesey, Peer Support Lead.


Watch our peer support lead, Natalie Livesy, explain the KMPT peer support workers role