Carers' support

We offer a carers' drop-in service, where you can come and speak to a mental health professional who will offer advice and information, answer questions and assist with a carer's assessment.

You can access the carers' drop-in service if you are a relative, friend or partner of a person who has mental ill health, is aged 16 and over and who receives care from the trust.

The service is held on the first and third Tuesdays of every month from 2pm-7pm. You do not have to make an appointment - just come to Priority House in Maidstone when we are there and we will be able to see you. 

If you cannot get to Priority House, you can call us on 01622 725000 while the service is on. Simply ask for the carers' drop-in service and you will be put through to the team.

Carer and Patient Consultative Committees

The Carer and Patient Consultative Committees are bi-monthly meetings designed for carers and service users to meet up and share their experiences of accessing mental health services to support improvement in service delivery.

They also regularly include representatives from care groups to discuss relevant developments and other areas of work.

Visit our carer and patient consultative committee pages for more information.

Carer's assessment

A carer's assessment is your opportunity to:

  • Find out if social services can provide services that may help you as a carer
  • Help social services understand the impact caring has on you.

A carer's assessment can offer advice in the following areas:

  • Questions about mental illnesses and available treatments
  • How to care for your relative, friend or partner
  • How the mental health system operates
  • Benefit entitlement and rights as an employed carer
  • Local support groups for carers.

How can I get a carer's assessment?

If you are interested in having a carer's assessment, you can contact the cared for person's social worker or community psychiatric nurse.

You can also call either the Kent or Medway social services departments directly. You can find their contact details on the right hand side of the page. 

Involve Carers

Involve Carers are commissioned by Kent County Council to provide a carer's assessment and support service for those people (unpaid) who care for someone. This includes carers who care for someone with mental ill health.

To find out more please contact Involve Carers. 

Useful websites

Please click on the links below to view external support services for carers: