Board meetings

The trust Board is publicly accountable for the running of the trust and holds corporate responsibility for its actions. It is made up of executive and non-executive directors and meets monthly.

We welcome attendance from members of the public and anyone that has an interest in the trust, including any member of staff.

If you have any questions about trust Board meetings or any of the Board committees, please contact the trust secretary.

Board meeting papers

You can view the documents from our Board meetings by clicking the relevant link below: 


Board Meeting: 25 April 2019
Board meeting: 28 March 2019
Board meeting: 28 February 2019
Board meeting: 24 January 2019


Board 29 November 2018
Board 25 October 2018
Board 27 September 2018
Board 26 July 2018
Board 28 June 2018
Board 31 May 2018
Board 26 April 2018
Board 29 March 2018
Board 22 February 2018
Board 25 January 2018