Family, friends and carers survey

Tell us about your own experiences of KMPT

The survey has been developed with the support of families and carers just like you who have experienced our services.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to complete the survey online.

You can complete the carers survey here

If you would like a paper form, please ask a member of staff or a carers champion in your area.

Recent feedback

In July to September 2023, 191 family members, friends and carers gave their own views about their experience of Kent and Medway Social Care and Partnership Trust services:

  • Family, friends and carers strongly agree that they were approached by staff in a respectful and kind way.
  • Family, friends and carers strongly agree that staff adequately explained confidentiality to them (i.e. what information can/can’t be shared with them and why).
  • The overall experience as a family member, friend or carer is positive – their overall experience within Kent and Medway Social Care and Partnership Trust is very good.

Family, friends and carers said...

  • Without a doubt I was listened to, the staff were very receptive and very accessible for my needs. This was a real service it has been superb I cannot fault it or ask for any more. I had contact with the Doctor which was good which was so helpful and I got so much from this. The staff were sensitive to me and always kind and polite.
  • The support and service we received was exemplary, the crisis team provided support to my mother and family through some of our darkest days. They provided a wealth of knowledge to us a family that has enabled us to support our mum, they showed compassion kindness and comfort and gave us the foundation to provide the care required.
  • We had an assessment to provide support and advice relating to the ongoing care of my husband who has dementia. Approach was kind, respectful, incisive and practical. I feel 100% reassured that I now have contacts to a team.