KMPT awards

Our annual KMPT Awards recognise the dedication, hard work and brilliant care through brilliant people that takes place across KMPT.

The awards offer something for everyone, as we encourage you to shine a light on all areas of our KMPT family and show how proud you are to work alongside dynamic and innovative colleagues, patients, volunteers and carers.

Nominations can be submitted online or using the paper award entry form, but before you nominate, take a look at the criteria and choose the award category that best highlights their contribution to give the person or team the very best chance of success.

All nominations are judged by a panel of Trust-wide judges including executive and non-executive directors as well as people with lived and learned experience to help us make our KMPT awards truly representative and inclusive.

We will have 10 categories this year for you to nominate an individual or team for.

The categories for the KMPT Awards 2021 will be:

  • Clinical Services Star of the Year Award
  • Digital Innovation Award
  • Future Heroes Award
  • Leader of the Year Award 
  • Lifelong Achievement Award 
  • Lived Experience Award
  • Outstanding Clinical Services Team Award
  • Outstanding Support Services Team Award 
  • Service Improvement Award 
  • Support Services Star of the Year Award 

This year the Lived Experience Award will be voted for by the audience on the night of the awards ceremony using Slido, an audience participation app. The winner of the Lifelong Achievement Award will be decided by our Chief Executive, Helen Greatorex and Trust Chair, Jackie Craissati.

Nominations for the KMPT 2021 Awards will open on Wednesday 18 August 2021.