Trust board

The trust Board has overall responsibility for the activity, integrity and strategy of the trust and is accountable, through its chair.

Its role is largely supervisory and strategic. It has six key functions:

  • To set strategic direction, define objectives and agree plans for the trust
  • To monitor performance and ensure corrective action
  • To ensure financial stewardship
  • To ensure high standards of corporate and clinical governance and personal behaviour
  • To appoint, appraise and remunerate executives
  • To ensure dialogue with external bodies and the local community.

We welcome attendance from members of the public and anyone who has an interest in the trust, including any member of staff.

Board meetings

If you are planning to attend a meeting of the Board, please can you let the trust secretary know in advance so that we can plan for seating arrangements.

You can view our upcoming Board meetings here

The next meeting takes place on Thursday 25 July 2024 from 9:30am - 12pm via MS Teams 

Declarations of Interests

We have an obligation under the Code of Conduct and Accountability for NHS boards to compile and maintain a register of interests of directors, which might influence their role. The register is available to the public, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

View the Declaration of Interests

You can also view this information in our Annual Report