Social workers

KMPT is excited to share with you the development of its own Social Work Workforce.

What do social workers do?

Social work is a practice profession and an academic discipline that recognises that interconnected historical, socio-economic, cultural, environmental, political and personal factors, serve as opportunities and/or barriers to human wellbeing and development.

Social work is distinct from social care as it is a registered profession with a protected title. Social care includes providing personal care, supporting individuals with tasks of daily living.

Social Work is an essential part of support, care and recovery for individuals living with mental health issues across all areas of society. The holistic and creative ethos of social work practice without doubt, can lend itself towards dealing with a very complex and complicated set of systems.

These exist in the provision of services throughout someone’s journey of recovery within society’s health, social care, and environmental structures. In addition social workers must balance issues regarding safeguarding and public protection.

Social workers have a duty to ensure that individuals receive the appropriate support, treatment and care for their mental health and are protected from harm. Social workers work from a rights and social justice perspective and offer a balance to the medical model of healthcare.

Social workers are bound by the Standards of Professional Practice set out by Social Work England (SWE). These reflect the value and diversity of social work practice and the positive impact it has on people's lives, families and communities. They are:

  1. Promote the rights, strengths and wellbeing of people, families and communities.
  2. Establish and maintain the trust and confidence of people.
  3. Be accountable for the quality of my practice and decisions made.
  4. Maintain continuing professional development.
  5. Act safely, respectfully and with professional integrity.
  6. Promote ethical practice and report concerns.

Social Work in KMPT

In addition to an existing social work service within Forensic and Specialist Services, it is envisaged that social work roles will develop in other services and teams across KMPT. This professional development will also include the support of social workers in training and newly qualified social workers.

The role will be developmental, potential roles will be explored alongside work on wider KMPT priorities such as skills mix review and workforce modelling. There will be career opportunities for leadership roles and experienced social workers.

Social Work will provide an additional layer of support in an individual’s journey and recovery from Mental Health illness and challenges.