Live it Library

The Live It Library is an online resource containing a number of stories from people who have lived experience of mental ill health, carers, friends or relatives and mental health professionals. Join us and speak honestly about your experience.

You can also share the stories in the library to help others while challenging stigma, promoting understanding, and offering hope.

The Live it Library stories will become part of a Kent and Medway wide resource that allows individuals, professionals and groups to easily access the ‘stories’ and it is hoped that our story tellers can become involved in training and events to talk about their stories and experiences.

If you have already shared your story, why not consider volunteering at a future event. Interested? Register to become a trust volunteer.

If you are interested in more information please contact us

Imago carers

Imago - Kent's young carers 1

Imago - Kent's young carers 2

Imago - Kent's young carers 3

Imago - Kent's young carers 4

Imago - Kent's young carers 5

Imago - Kent's young carers 6

Early Intervention Service

Early Intervention Team

Charlton Athletic Community Trust Partnership

Job taster


Joint working - Kent Police

Tania Clark

Overcoming trauma


Health service trainer


KMPT inpatient services


Tracey's story - postnatal depression, psychosis and return to work

Tracey's story

Dawn's story - Caring for someone with psychosis

Dawn's story - Caring for someone with psychosis


Ruth's story

Forget Me Nots



Chris R




Trish's story - Personality disorder and bi-polar


Gail's story - Nervous breakdown and depression


Ben's story - Psychosis, mindfulness and job taster

Ben's story

Eddie's story