We are committed to understanding how our services are experienced by our service users and to use this knowledge as an opportunity to improve.

It is vital that each and every single one of our patients, and their carers, are given the chance to feedback their views on our service, so we can offer patients the best possible experience. Every experience counts. Please choose from a feedback option at the bottom of this page. 

Below is what you have been telling us about your experiences of our services over the last three months.

  • 93 per cent of people feel listened to and support
  • 94 per cent of people feel well communicated with
  • When asked how we were at involving family and friends 88 per cent said we were achieving, 9 per cent said sometimes and 3 per cent said never
  • National community mental health survey scores out of ten:
    • Organising care - 8
    • Explanations about NHS therapies and involvement in deciding what therapies to use - 7.3
  • How likely were people to recommend our service:
    • October 2019 - 95 per cent
    • November 2019 - 93 per cent
    • December 2019 - 95 per cent
  • How are we doing? 93 per cent satisfaction in December 2019
  • When asked if we delivered care well 94 per cent said we were achieving, 5 per cent said sometimes and 1 per cent said never.
  • Did you know: