Research and training has always led to better treatments and services to help people experiencing mental ill health. We are a market leader, renowned for our ground-breaking research and the bespoke training programmes we offer to help other healthcare providers improve the services they offer.

Our training programmes provide a range of learning and development opportunities to enhance the knowledge, skills and awareness of mental health practitioners in the assessment of clinical risk and the development of recovery focused mental health care.

Our primary goal is to ensure that, through our expertise, we enable other health care practitioners to offer the highest quality of care to their patients.

Dual diagnosis

There is a free e-learning training resource developed for practitioners, service users and the public for dual diagnosis:

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Co-production training

Run by KMPT, an interactive workshop session enabling participants to better understand co-production and how to apply it within their work or engagement activities. To gain more confidence in delivering in a co-produced way. The course is provided in a mixed participant setting meaning people with lived-experience and staff are working together.

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Perinatal Mental Health Service Training

First steps

This is a one day training open to all professionals working with women and children, to improve awareness of mental ill health in parents and the impact on families and to improve understanding of the referral pathways.

Perinatal simulation training

This one day training event consists of simulated scenarios which focus on the assessment and management of three different perinatal mental health presentations.

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