Triangle of Care

Triangle of care - member 2 star logoWhat is the Triangle of Care?

The triangle of care is a service which brings together carers, service users and professionals. It aims to promote safety and recovery for people with mental ill health and to encourage their wellbeing by including and supporting their carers.

The Triangle and Care is based on six principles that mental health trusts use to include and support carers.

  • Carers and the essential role they play are identified at first contact or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Staff are ’carer aware’ and trained in carer engagement strategies.
  • Policy and practice protocols re: confidentiality and sharing information are in place.
  • Defined post(s) responsible for carers are in place.
  • A carer introduction to the service and staff is available, with a relevant range of information across the acute care pathway.
  • A range of carer support services is available.

The Triangle of Care delivers many benefits to family, friends and carers:

  • Recognition for you as a carer. This can you feel that you are taken seriously and that the sacrifices you make are acknowledged.
  • An appreciation for your unique knowledge about the person you care for
  • Information about the person you care for including their illness, medication and prognosis
  • Emotional and practical support – enabling you to have a life of your own alongside your caring role
  • Assistance with care planning and knowing who to contact in a crisis or emergency.
  • Help you feel part of a team and less isolated
  • Helping you feel stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with caring

KMPT are proud to be a two-star member of the Triangle of Care and are committed to raise its awareness amongst families, friends and carers, patients and staff.

Triangle of care leaflets

The triangle of care is an initiative led by the Carers Trust.

Click here to view the Carers Trust Triangle of Care information and leaflets