Alcohol and substance misuse

We work in partnership across Kent and Medway to help those who need advice and information in relation to drugs and alcohol.

This means you will have improved access to treatment and outcomes if you are using our services, but also need information or help about drugs and alcohol.

Here you can find links to our partners, which may help with information or self-referrals.

When you are referred by your GP or other health professional, a screening tool regarding the use of alcohol and/or substances will be completed with you, which will be sent with your referral. Ask your GP or health professional for more information.


There are a range of drug and alcohol services to help people recover from addiction and gain control of their lives.

East Kent Forward
A social business with charitable status that empowers people to break the often interlinked cycles of crime and addiction to move forward with their lives.

Medway Forward
The Forward Trust helps people who have issues with drugs and/or alcohol and want to make a positive change. They also support the family and friends of people who are worried about their loved one's substance use.

Change, Grow, Live
Change, Grow, Live (formerly CRI) is a charity providing treatment and support to vulnerable people. It champions people who have faced hardships like addiction and delivers drug and alcohol services across England and Wales.

Smoking cessation

Your local stop smoking service can offer friendly and professional advice to help you become smoke free. With a range of options available to choose from, you are four times more likely to be a successful quitter with support from your local team of specialist advisers. 

Find out more about your local service:

Bridge House inpatient detox unit

Bridge House is our nine-bed inpatient detoxification unit located near Maidstone. It offers outstanding treatment in a high quality environment. Visit the Bridge House page to find out more.

Needle exchange points

Details of needle exchange points in west Kent can be found on the West Kent Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service Change, Grow, Live website.

Details of needle exchange points in Medway can be found on the Medway Council website.