Forensic Family Engagement and Liaison Lead

The Family Engagement and Liaison Lead (FELL) works specifically with the families and friends of someone who is being assessed or treated by forensic mental health and learning disability services.

The Family Engagement and Liaison Lead will be able to offer you advice, support and information. Part of the role will be to meet up and give you time to talk about your own concerns and questions, throughout your relative or friends recovery.

They can also act as a liaison between you, your loved one and the health professionals involved. This is intended to support you to remain involved in the care and treatment of your friend / family member as much as possible.

Carer's forum

For carers, relatives, and significant others of individuals within the Allington Centre, Brookfield Centre, Tarentfort Centre and Trevor Gibbens Unit.

All dates take place at the Broadview meeting room, Archery House, Bow Arrow Lane, Dartford, Kent DA2 6PB.

  • Thursday 20 June 2019 from 2-4pm
  • Wednesday 25 September 2019 from 6-8pm
  • Thursday 19 december 2019 from 6-8pm

If you would like to attend or if you would like further information please contact Karen Tweedie. 


The Family Engagement and Liaison Lead is bound by law and professional codes of conduct to a duty of confidentiality to service users and professionals working in mental health services. A breach of confidence can lead to the professional facing disciplinary measures.

Specific information on care and treatment requires consent. This consent must be given before this type of information can be shared. However, we are able to share general information about the services we provide.

It should also be acknowledged that the Family Engagement and Liaison Lead has a duty of confidentiality to you. This means that information you share with the carer support worker will not be passed on unless you give consent for the information to be shared.

Patient and Carer Consultative Committees

The Patient and Carer Consultative Committees are regular, bi-monthly meetings for service users and carers to meet up and share experiences of accessing mental health services to support improvement in service delivery.

They also regularly include representatives from service lines to discuss relevant developments and other areas of work.

Meetings are open to all service users and carers within their geographical area although no payment is made for travelling costs.

You can read more about our Patient Consultative Committees here and our Carer Consultative Committees here