Need help?

I am already a KMPT patient

If you are currently receiving support from the trust then please contact your Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. You can view our CMHT's here

If you need us out-of-hours, please contact your local crisis team. You can view our crisis teams here

I am not a KMPT patient

If you live in Kent or Medway, you have worries about your mental health and you are not currently under the care and treatment of one of our mental health services, please make an appointment to see your GP. You can then discuss your concerns and they will advise and signpost you to the most appropriate service.

Your GP can request an urgent assessment through the Single Point of Access team by contacting them on 0300 222 0123.


If you are a new patient and need urgent or emergency mental health help out-of-hours, please dial 111 and the call handler will assist you to reach the right help.

KMPT encourages people to go to their GP for advice and guidance about their mental wellbeing. If you feel you need an urgent response and cannot access your GP, you can contact 111 or the Single Point of Access team on 0300 222 0123 where you will be signposted to the most appropriate service.