15 Steps Challenge

First impressions count

There is no getting away from it; first impressions give us our gut feeling about any situation. When we first arrive on a ward, do we have confidence in the care that we are about to receive? What gives us trust in a care environment? What makes us feel that we will be safe and cared for?

Be part of the 15 step challenge

The 15 Steps Challenge is a series of questions and prompts that have been developed from the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvements tool to determine the first impressions of a ward from a service user/carer perspective.

The Challenge tool helps the organisation and ward teams to understand and identify key components of high quality care. It also helps wards to understand how they are doing from a patient’s perception. It is also a useful tool to gain an understanding of how patients feel in their care and how confidence can be built up.

The challenge team assess against four indicators, these are:

  • Welcoming
  • Safe
  • Caring and Involving
  • Well Organised and Calm

Visits to our wards have been taking place since the programme was developed in 2012 and are undertaken by teams of three which can consist of a Non Executive Director, Executive Directors / Service Directors, Service users or carers and Senior Managers. All wards are visited on rolling programmes which are unannounced. 

Following a visit, the ward receives an action plan on the recommendations. When the wards are revisited the assessors will have a copy of the action plan from the previous visit to see if changes and improvement have been put in place.

If you are interested, please contact Nick Dent, Patient Experience Manager on nicholas.dent@kmpt.nhs.uk