2018 Winners

What a fabulous evening! Judges had a difficult time shortlisting 15 categories. They identified Highly Commended and Winners for 13 of our 15 categories. Our Healthcare Hero Award was a special NHS70 category and was presented to a very special nominee. Our fifteenth category was Unsung Hero and everyone at the event voted for their hero using Slido. It was incredibly close!

Check out our winners below!

Achievement in Learning and Development

Fleur Whitfield, Vocational Specialist

Highly Commended
Aamer Sarfraz, Director of Medical Education and Angela Pendleton, Medical Education Manager

Judges: Vincent Badu, Director of Transformation
Christina Shaw, Director of Communications  
David Cousins, Experts by Experience Research Group.

Achievement in Research

Agostina Secchi, Clinical Pharmacist

Highly Commended
Sarah Cooper, Trainee Forensic Psychologist

Judges: Jacquie Mowbray-Gould, Chief Operating Officer
Michele Curtis, ICT Service Manager 

Best Team Improvement Award

Medway Liaison Psychiatry Team

Highly Commended
Criminal Justice Liaison & Diversion Service (CJLDS) – Outreach Team

Judges: Rosarii Harte, Deputy Medical Director
Julie Fuller, Peer Support Worker

Carer Contribution Award

Cheryl and Chris Ives

Highly Commended
Louis Coelho

Judges: Rod Ashurst, Non-Executive Director
Mike Kingham, Assistant Medical Director

Healthcare Hero Award

Dr Bill Bamber, Consultant Psychiatrist

Judges: Helen Greatorex, Chief Executive
Jennie Cogger, Deputy Director for Workforce and Development
Adam Crick, Peer Support Worker

High Performance Award

Nandini Shevill Teeluck,  Vocational Specialist

Highly Commended
The Allington Centre Multidisciplinary Team

Judges: Ann-Marie Dean, Non-Executive Director
Teresa Barker, Deputy Nursing Director
Tee Nixon, service user.

Leadership Award

Pam Wooding, Recovery Practice Lead

Highly Commended
Holly Brown, Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service, Outreach Team Leader 

Judges: Jackie Craissati, Non-Executive Director
Paula Campbell, Head of Service Community Care East Kent
Matthew Cordes, service user.

Learning from Listening Award

Leonie Down, Senior Occupational Therapist

Highly Commended
Janet Hatch, Woodchurch Manager

Judges: Vicky Stevens, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Godley, Speak Up CIC.

Outstanding Support Service Award

Psychiatric Intensive Care Liaison Team

Highly Commended
Nigel Lowther, Assistant Director of Information and Performance

Judges: Andrew Ling, Chairman
Hannah Smith, Deputy Director of Quality and Safety. 

Partnership Award

Katherine Holmes,  Matron of A&E Emergency Care, Maidstone Hospital

Highly Commended
Pam Wooding, Recovery Practice Lead

Judges: Nigel Ashurst, Assistant Medical Director
Stan Brooks, Apprentice
Georgia Smart, Apprentice. 

Patient Contribution Award

David Cousins

Highly Commended
Henry Cockburn

Judges: Professor Catherine Kinane, Executive Medical Director
Lona Lockerbie, Forensics and Specialist Services Director
Keith Jennings, carer.

Patient Safety Award

Charlene Hayward, Team Manager Liaison Psychiatry

Highly Commended
Teresa Vallely-Joseph, Physical Health Nurse Lead

Judges: Venu Branch, Non Executive Director,
Sheila Stenson, Executive Director of Finance. 

Quality and Patient Experience Award

Lara Banks, Physical Health Nurse, Boughton Ward

Highly Commended
Christine Button, Lead Healthcare Worker

Judges: Sandra Goatley, Director of Organisational Development
Phil Lawrence, Director of Contracting, Performance and Information. 

Unsung Hero

Amy Bramwell, Deputy Ward Manager

Highly Commended
Michael Vernon, Volunteer and Activities Coordinator

Laura Kennedy, Communications and Marketing Officer

Silvia Ciobanu, Healthcare Worker

Judges: Mary Mumvuri, Executive Director of Nursing
Kirsten Lawson, Interim Assistant Medical Director for Community Recovery
David Hough, service user.


Volunteer of the Year Award

Renny Magowan, Volunteer, Lakeside Lounge

Highly Commended
Jamie Goldfinch, Volunteer Ward Be-friender, St Martin's Hospital

Judges: Catherine Walker, Non-Executive Director
Debbie Bray, Trust Professional Lead for Allied Health Professions.