Carers survey

We value the important role that carers play in the lives of those who use our services, whatever their age, and we recognise that carers are a vital source of information about the people they care for.

Only a carer can tell us the things that could have made their experience of care and treatment for their loved one better.

We will conduct a follow up survey in 2020/21 so that we can evaluate the impact of the changes made and continue to learn from the experiences of carers.

We are pleased to say that we are conducting a review of how we gather feedback from friends, family and carers.

Why we are reviewing the way that we hear from friends, family and carers:

  1. To improve by changing to a system of gaining continuous ‘near-live’ feedback
  2. To reach friends, family and carers at the point of care and hear their views and opinions
  3. To learn and improve from the views and opinions of friends, family and carers
  4. Since March 2020 lives will be hugely different and our focus should change to reflect this