Supporting newly qualified AHPs survey

The Health and Social care providers within Kent and Medway, and  the Universities understand that it has been a difficult time over the last year for both students and our AHPs who have recently joined our workforce. There are a number of initiatives underway across our region to help address the challenges that many of you will have experienced.

The Kent and Medway AHP Faculty are leading a programme of work to ensure that preceptorship works well for those final year AHP students who will be making the transition into employment. We are speaking with employers, Universities and other stakeholders about what is needed. However we would like the voice of students and those of you with recent experience of preceptorship programmes to be at the heart of this work.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief consultation questionnaire.

If you are completing this as a student please look ahead and think about what you think would be beneficial in a preceptorship program. If you are a new qualified AHP could you reflect on your experiences of the preceptorship program you was involved in. 

Your comments will be anonymous as we are not collecting identifiable information, and they will really help us to ensure our work is relevant and helpful.

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Thank you for completing this survey. This information will be used to support the transition from education to employment.

Yours sincerely

The Kent and Medway AHP Faculty.