Foundation Trust

Foundation Trusts are part of the National Health Service and provide free care based on the needs of patients.

A Foundation Trust is a Public Benefit Corporation that involves service users, carers, the public and staff in the way it is run.

What are the benefits of becoming a Foundation Trust?

  • Our services will still be the same as they are now but, as a Foundation Trust (FT), we will have more freedom to decide how to run and deliver those services
  • We will involve service users, carers, the public and staff in the way our services are run
  • We will be accountable to local people who can become Members and Governors
  • Members of our FT will have a greater say about how our services are run

Foundation Trusts are:

  • Expected to keep to NHS standards and meet performance targets
  • Inspected regularly
  • Scrutinised first by the Trust Development Authority and then by the independent regulator of Foundation Trusts, Monitor, before achieving FT status

For an update on our FT application, please visit the FT application page.

Becoming an FT will:

  • Give local communities and local people a way of influencing what happens in the Trust and the way we develop in the future
  • Give us greater freedom about what we do locally and how we do it
  • Give us freedom to borrow money to invest in developments, change the way we do things and make services better, quicker, with more choice for local people

Becoming a member is:

Open to all individuals over 14 years of age who live within our public membership constituency, irrespective of gender, social status, race, political aspirations, disability or religion.

Contact us

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