Listen Up!

Listening is one of the most important ways that we communicate with each other. Did you know that everyone spends 60 per cent of their communications time listening and yet only retain 25 per cent of what they’ve heard!

The simplicity of listening can have a big impact on someone who just needs to talk and can prevent an issue escalating into a crisis. Through Listen Up! KMPT is placing a focus on prevention through listening and encouraging others to do the same.

At KMPT, we feel that we are already good at listening but want to be even better by:

  • Reaching out and listening to those people who may need our help but who have not made contact with us already through our events, committees and forums.
  • Enlisting the help of those who we regularly engage with so that they can help us make new connections.
  • Spreading the word that everyone can help by making more time to listen to those who may be in need.

Listening leads to better understanding and it is only through truly understanding what you are hearing that the right action can be taken.
We are visiting communities to listen to you and to give you more information about KMPT. We are also talking about our Kent and Medway system plans to sustain the health and social care system and welcome your views.

So far we have been to:

  • Hythe Town Council in October 2016
  • Wouldham 60+ Group in October 2016
  • Kennington Parish Council in November 2016
  • Tenterden Town Council in December 2016
  • Rusthall Parish Council in February 2017
  • Sevenoaks Citizens Advice Bureau in February 2017
  • Sandgate Road Surgery Patient Participation Group, Folkestone March 2017

We will be attending:

  • Langdon Parish Council 24 April 2017
  • Eastry Village Hall 16 May 2017

    If you would like us to come along to one of your meetings please contact

Healthwatch bus tour

We are delighted that Healthwatch Kent has agreed to support our campaign. With their help we hope to be able to improve so that we are not only the biggest provider of mental health services in Kent and Medway, but an excellent one.

Listen Up Logo

For World Mental Health Day 2016, Time to Change launched this video on the importance of listening. Take a look. 

Keep in touch with our Listen Up! events here.

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