SUNShiners is a friendly, relaxed, all-inclusive group of people in the early stages of dementia based in the Dover, Deal and the Shepway area.

They make a difference by:

  • Reducing stereotypes by raising awareness with the public
  • Helping to improve the NHS by assisting with staff training, evaluating memory services and commenting on plans for future service developments
  • Getting involved with research and assisting with the planning of future research projects.

The groups take place at Summer Court, Whitegates Close, Hythe, CT21 6AZ on the first Thursday of every month from 1pm until 3pm.

If you would more information, or to come along, please get in touch.

Research led by SUNshiners

SUNshiners wanted to explore the invisibility of dementia, and the pros and cons of letting others know about their diagnoses. They were interested to find out (a) what the public knew about dementia; (b) what they thought about the invisibility of dementia; (c) why they might want to know if people have dementia. SUNshiners were awarded a grant to explore this topic and a copy of the full report can be accessed via the following link:

Dementia as an invisible disability – Pros and Cons – Dementia Enquiries (

Poem: Activism - as captured as part of the DEEP 10th Anniversary Celebrations

This link is of a poem written for the Kent dementia engagement groups, read by people with dementia from our groups in kent. It also shows our Kent dementia engagement banner.

DEEP project videos