Cannabis study

The study has two main aims:

  1. To examine whether differences exist in glutamate measures in patients with early psychotic illness who use cannabis and those who do not
  2. To examine whether there is any functional correlation of such differences with brain activation between cannabis users and non-users.

Who can we include?

  • Age 18-38 years
  • First psychotic episode within the last five years
  • Either use or do not use cannabis
  • Do not currently use other drugs (apart from cannabis, tobacco and alcohol). No problems with other drugs or alcohol
  • Clinically stable on treatment (able to tolerate a whole day of assessments and a 90 minute MRI scan).

Who do we need to exclude?

  • History of neurological disorder, severe intercurrent illness, pregnancy
  • Acute intoxication with any psychoactive substance on the day of experimentation
  • Any contraindications to MRI.

What is involved for the patients?

Patients will receive £50 cash for attending a study visit day in London lasting approx. six hours Travel is also paid for. The day visit includes the following components:

  • Initial assessments
  • Urine drug sampling
  • Breathalyser
  • Blood test
  • Cheek swab sampling
  • MRI Scans - MRS & MRI (90 min)
  • Computer based cognitive tasks.

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