Cap Mem study

It is known that people with psychiatric diagnoses are at an increased risk of problems with memory and concentration. We do not understand why this happens.

The autonomic nervous system regulates the way that our heart, lungs and digestive system work. If these systems are out of kilter then the blood supply to the brain will be slightly altered. This alteration may be enough to affect memory and concentration.

We want therefore to know if the autonomic nervous system works differently in people with psychiatric disorders. We also want to know if this system is affected by the severity of the disorder or by medication use.

Who can we include?

Anyone over the age of 14 with or without a clinical diagnosis of a mental health disorder.

Who do we need to exclude?

Anyone who cannot give informed consent.

What is involved for the patients?

We want everyone who takes part to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about symptoms that are caused by an upset autonomic nervous system.

Those who choose to will also complete tests of memory and concentration. These tests are done with a member of the research team who will be using a computer.

How do I take part?

Take part online by visiting the this website

You can also use the contact details below to ask a researcher to send you a pack in the post or to visit you with the study documents.

Please remember to check “Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust” as the “Trust”.

For further information please contact:

Roberta Box
Mobile:  07500 920737
Office: 01622 427210

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