Genetics of Childhood Psychosis study

The purpose of this study is to discover how differences in DNA may make it more or less likely that people develop psychiatric illness.

If we can identify the parts of the DNA that affect our vulnerability to psychiatric illness then we may be able to use this information to try to help people who have psychiatric illnesses such as mood or anxiety disorders or schizophrenia.

Who can we include?

  • Males or females aged five–30 years
  • Diagnosed with an idiopathic psychotic illness at age 13 or younger
  • Blood relatives of the above.

What is involved for the patients?

A semi-structured psychiatric interview of their mental health, a psychometric test and a saliva sample.

They will be given a £30 voucher to thank them for their time.

What is involved for the relatives?

Siblings: Psychiatric interview of their mental health, psychometric testing and a saliva sample.

Parents: Family history interview, interview about their own mental health and a saliva sample.

All relatives will be given a £30 voucher to thank each of them for their time.

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