Service user and carer

The KMPT Engagement work plan involves a wide and diverse range of activities where the patient / carer voice supports KMPT in improving or developing services. 

Participating in engagement activities can support people to develop new skills useful for future vocational opportunities or personal / professional development.

In April 2020 the Trust approved the new Participation and Involvement Strategy and focus now is on facilitating the implementation of the strategy. This will include the development of further opportunities for wider engagement.

Some of the many engagement activities we have run since August 2020 include:

  • Digitally enabled care –providing care through use of digital technology. Three service user and carers talked to us about their experience of using our audio and visual technology for their appointment. It was fed back to the project group which is evaluating the clinical use of video consultation via Lifesize or other technology within our organisation.
  • Providing flexible access – we visited six wards and held three community virtual focus groups capturing the views of 32 service users and carers about their experience of flexibility of our services during COVID-19 and ideas they may have for the future.
  • Clinical Technology Strategy – independent consultations on the experience of KMPT’s telephony service. Service users and carers shared their experience around contacting KMPT sites via phone.
  • The occupational therapy leaflet review - occupational therapists from three sites and Partnerships and Engagement held seven focus groups with 20 patients who shared the view about the current leaflet.
  • We recruited two service users who supported the training for staff on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Service users participated in various recruitment activities across services
  • In April 2020 the Trust approved the new Participation and Involvement Strategy and eight service users, carers and volunteers are supporting the implementation of the strategy.

If you are passionate about service improvement based on lived-experience or know somebody that is, please get in touch with us by emailing the Partnership and engagement team at