Single Point of Access

If you are under the care and treatment of one of our mental health services in Kent or Medway already please see our 'Need Help?' page to find the appropriate contact details.

If you live in Kent or Medway, have concerns about your mental health and you are NOT currently under the care and treatment of one of our Community Mental Health Teams or any other of our mental health services within the trust please make an appointment to see your GP, where you can discuss your concerns and they will advise and signpost you to the most appropriate service.

If however you need urgent or emergency mental health help and support, you live in Kent and Medway and you are not currently receiving care and treatment from one of our Community Mental Health Teams, please call our Single Point of Access on 0300 222 0123 (24/7) or text 07860 022819 (8am-10pm).

Kent and Medway's mental health Single Point of Access (SPoA) provides a single route to obtain Urgent advice to all new patients to our Kent and Medway mental health services in urgent situations. When calling our SPoA you will be speaking to someone who can ensure you are put through to the right person or service.


For residents of Kent or Medway

24/7 Contact Centre:

0300 222 0123

24/7 text number: 

07860 022819