East Kent

Dear colleague

We want the NHS to provide excellent healthcare for everyone in east Kent. To achieve that, it has to change.

We are going through a very careful process to agree how hospital services might be organised in the future. What we are doing today is sharing an update on that process.

Next week on 30 November all four of the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in east Kent, working as a joint consultative committee on this issue, are meeting to consider together potential options for the future of urgent and emergency care, and planned orthopaedic services, in east Kent.

This is our ‘medium-list’ of potential options that we will do more detailed analysis on, to help move us towards a shortlist for public consultation next year. The attached brief note explains more.

All the clinical chairs and accountable officers of the four CCGs are on the committee, which will be independently chaired, and which has delegated authority from all the CCGs to take decisions on this issue.

For more details, including about the meeting and how to register to attend if you wish to, please visit http://kentandmedway.nhs.uk/where-you-live/plans-east-kent/ekjcccg/.

Until we reach the point where we formally consult with the public on proposed changes, we are continuing our ongoing programme of public engagement and discussion with local communities. 

More information about the work to deliver higher quality, more sustainable services within our available funding and resources can be found on our websites, along with further details about how to get involved.

Yours faithfully

Joint Committee of east Kent CCGs