Benefits advice (online resource)

This online resource is provided by the Government and contains the latest developments and advice around benefits.

This includes:

How benefits work

Benefits calculator, how payments work, changes of circumstances, benefits frauds and appeals.

Universal credit

Applying, signing into your account, help with housing, disability, health conditions and unemployment.

Tax credits

Getting working tax credits and child tax credit, managing your tax credits and when tax credits stop.

Jobseekers allowance (JSA) and low income benefits

Getting JSA, income support, budgeting, loans and help if you’re on a low income.

Carers and disability benefits

Help for disabilities including personal independent payment, carers allowance and employment and support allowance.

Child Benefit

Getting and managing child benefit.

Benefits for families

Getting maternity pay, help with childcare and free school dinners.

Heating and housing benefits

Getting housing benefit, winter fuel payment, cold weather payment and other help for housing costs.

Death and benefits

Getting widowed parent’s allowance, bereavement payment and other help when someone dies.