Dartford Borough Council

Dartford Borough Council is the local authority which provides services to the residents of Dartford.

How can they help:


Housing benefits, benefits calculator and uploading proofs for benefits.

Jobs and apprenticeships

The latest council jobs, benefits and apprenticeships.

Council tax and housing

Advice for moving house, the housing register and homelessness. This also includes advice for paying your council tax.

Parking and streets

Includes applying for a parking permit, paying a parking ticket and information on local car parks.

Disabled Facilities and Local Discretionary Grants

Disabled Facilities and local Discretionary Grants are available to assist residents to live independently in a safe and warm home and this includes works to help residents be discharged home from Hospital.

Assistance works can include disabled adaptations to your home such as stair lifts or level access showers, key safes, home repairs, heating repairs, boiler replacement, loft/cavity wall insulation or even moving furniture.

Some grants are not means tested so having savings may not prevent assistance. For more information contact the Private Sector Housing Team on 01322 343152 or email housingprivatesector@dartford.gov.uk

Further information

Dartford Borough Council will not be able to assess your housing circumstances unless you have a case reference number.

If you do not have a case reference number, please register and complete the online application form. This will enable them to assess your enquiry faster as they will have a better understanding of your situation.