Carers assessment

A Carers Assessment is your opportunity to:

  • Find out if social services can provide services that may help you as a carer
  • Help social services understand the impact caring has on you.

A Carers Assessment can offer advice in the following areas:

  • Questions about mental illnesses and available treatments
  • How to care for your relative, friend or partner
  • How the Mental Health system operates
  • Benefit entitlement and rights as an employed carer
  • Local support groups for carers.

How can I get a Carers Assessment?

If you are interested in having a Carers Assessment, you can contact the cared for persons Social Worker or Community Psychiatric Nurse.

You can also call your local Social Services department:

Kent Social Services
Tel: 08458 247 100
Textphone: 08458 247 905

Medway Social Services
Tel: 01634 306 000
Minicom: 01634 333 111

Involve Carers

Involve Carers are commissioned by Kent County Council to provide a Carers Assessment and support service for those people (unpaid) who care for someone. This includes carers who care for someone with a mental health condition. 

To find out more, please call 01622 685276. 



RiO is part of the National Programme for NHS Information Technology. It is an electronic service user record system, originally designed to replace the existing systems in use such as PAS and ePEX. It is designed to contain all the relevant and important information about the care we provide by the Multidisciplinary Team. This includes care planning assessments, legal aspects, carers and significant others involvement recommendations about care and notes on progress.

RiO has just been updated to a new version called Open RiO within the Trust. RiO keeps service user records and notes in one safe and secure place, improving security as files will no longer need to be moved between sites.

By enabling staff to communicate quickly and more effectively across the Trust, RiO provides a more complete and consistent level of care. Staff are able to quickly access care information when it's needed, resulting in safer diagnosis and treatment for service users.

Open RiO improves upon this by integrating three versions of RiO into one system. Open RiO can also be adapted locally and we can now change forms, reports, drop down lists, work flows etc to make our work more straight forward and ultimately better for our service users.

If you are a service user, carer or relative and require further information or detail regarding Open RiO, please do not hesitate to speak to the clinical team involved in your or your relatives care.